Saturday, September 22, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow? A Sestina of Flor y Canto - 7 Years Later

                                                                        Diego Rivera mural panel
If you want your garden to flourish
you must know discord as well as harmony,
encourage each plant toward its growth,
appreciate and honor its gift,
the bounty it brings from a tiny seed,
work that's never finished and always begins again.

If you're averse to beginning again
you'll never see your garden flourish,
you might as well not bother with seed
or dream of a flowering harmony;
don't hold out for any gift;
hope without action bears no growth.

Drought and storm threaten all growth;
it may take a fool to resolve again,
to see crazy potential as a gift
where others see nothing that can flourish,
to trust this twisting path to harmony
and what this thing is we call a 'seed'.

This little bit of hope in seed,
our faith one day we’ll find new growth,
this rocky ground tilled toward harmony,
this familiar soil turned again,
every obstacle to our garden's flourish,
together, all of these, a gift.

Every season brings its gift;
every choice bears fruit and seed;
and whether we choose a life to flourish
or let virulent weeds choke out its growth
it's ours to choose if we try again,
to work this patch into harmony.

There's no arrival into harmony;
chaos comes bearing its unwelcome gift -
the gift that tells us once again
nurturing the seed,
tending its growth,
is endless work if a life is to flourish.

Every move toward harmony starts with choosing the right seed
and embracing the hidden gift: every obstacle to its growth.
We choose to rise again - or not. We choose a life of flourish.