Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Is Sprung!

Finally! At long last, after this looooong winter - it's here - Spring! To put some spring into my step and into yours, Charlie Chaplin at age 63 will show us how it's done! This, from his 1952 film 'Limelight', playing Calvero, a washed up vaudevillian clown dreaming of his old, youthful performing days. 

Sixty-three! Bless ya, Charlie, for showing how us how it's done.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~ Sweep As You Go ~

forget what's down the road tomorrow
sweep as far as your broom will reach
which is only the couple of square feet
in front of you, around you
and beneath you

sweep as you go

despite your expertise
your neighbors will have to
sweep their own two square feet
as will your spouse
your children, your parents and friends
everybody owning the patch
beneath their feet
each with their own broom
whether they choose
to use it or not
none of them needing
your help, guidance
or advice on how best to hold a broom
regardless of how spot on you are

just a willingness to
hold their own